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Uludag University pays attention to providing a contemporary education comprising the combination of skill and knowledge and supplies applied learning facilities for its students. Students gain experience by means of 31 general–purpose computer labs, 66 scientific research labs in faculties and schools, 23 workshops and 228 education and practice labs, over 6,800 computers with technological infrastructure ensuring 24-hour continuous internet, clinics, experimental stations, workshops, practices and internships in its farms. The objective of the internship program is to strengthen students by making them apply their technical knowledge and skills to their working environments in their sectors, to improve their skills of judgment and give them a chance to gain experience in their fields of study. The essentials related to internship are defined by the Senate upon the advice of the concerning unit. Whether the internship is compulsory or not varies among faculties.

LLP/Erasmus Placement Mobility

Placement mobility enables higher education students to do their placement (internship) in an organisation or enterprise. Internship is student’s gaining work experience or taking vocational training of an organisation or enterprise in another country participating program. The duration of the Erasmus Placement Mobility is between 3-12 months for the undergraduate, post-graduate and doctorate students. Placement mobility is not expected to be obligatory for the curriculum. The sector student doing internship must be related with curriculum. Host organisations for student placements may be enterprises, training centres, research centres and other organisations. An eligible organisation is one that is involved in economic activities in the public or private sector apart from its size, legal status or the economic sector in which it operates, including the social economy. If the host institution is HEI, as it is going to be considered an enterprise, does not need to hold Extended ERASMUS University Charter.

Uludağ University has been carrying out LLP/Erasmus Placement Program since 2009-2010 Academic Year. Until now 60 students participated and 8 exchange students carried out their placement at research centers of our university’s different departments. Our university recognise elective and obligatory internship of the students in scope of the program towards training agreement and record the training period in the Diploma Supplement.

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