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Institute Of Educational Sciences

Master's Program in Education Management
Master Program in Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language

Institute Of Natural Sciences

Master's Program in Food Engineering (Non-Thesis)
Automotive Engineering (Without Thesis)
Industrial Engineering-Engineering and Technology Management (Without Thesis)
Environmental Engineering (Without Thesis)
Automotive Engineering (Without Thesis)
Architecture (Without Thesis)

Institute Of Health Sciences

Disaster Medicine Non-Thesis Master Program
Solid Organ Transplant Master Program
Veterinary-Animal Science Management (English) Non-Thesis Master Program
Veterinary-Animal Science Master Degree Program (Non-Thesis)

Institute Of Social Sciences

Philosophy (Without Thesis)
Business Administration (Without Thesis)
International Relations (Without Thesis)
The Master of Health Administration (mha) Program without Thesis
Financial Management in Business
Accounting and Auditing (Without Thesis)
International Trade (Without Thesis)
Religious Services and Professional Development/Non-Thesis Master's Program
Management and Organization Non-Thesis Master's Program
Interdisciplinary Moral and Values Education in Early Childhood Non-Thesis Master's Program
Interdisciplinary Migration Studies Non-Thesis Master's Program
Bologna Communication
E-Mail : bologna@uludag.edu.tr
Design and Coding
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