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Sports & Leisure
Educational activities in various sports are held by the teaching staff Physical Education and Sports Department for our students to make productive use of their free time, do sports for a healthy and hapy life, get to know each other and develop bodily and mentally. The students who participate in sports activities during the academic year get the chance to represent our university in local and inter-university competitions and experience the feeling of becoming successful sportsmen and champions.

Local activities include tournaments among faculties and schools in various sports branches. These tournaments, known as “Sports Games”, have become traditional and a good number of students and staff take part in them.

All the equipment (sports gear, jerseys, t-shirts, shorts, balls, etc.) used in the tournaments which are held in our facilities is provided by the Sports Directorate. The facilities are open from 08:00 to 21:00 seven days a week and even to later hours on some days. The new sports facilities are yet under construction.

Sports Facilities:

  2 turf football pitches 
  2 clay football pitches 
  2 indoor tennis courts 
  4 clay tennis courts 
  5 open asphalt basketball fields 
  2 tennis hardcourts 
  2 astroturf football pitches 

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