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Admission, examination and assessment procedures of students are conducted in accordance with the Law of Higher Education and the decisions and regulations of the Council of Higher Education, which have been introduced as part of the concerning law. Related information is available for Uludag University students in hard copy or online.

Admission procedures of students in Uludag University are performed by the Registrar’s Office and information related to regulations and directives can be reached at http://www.uludag.edu.tr/Icerik/index/konu/138

A two-stage examination system has been practiced for entrance to a higher education institution. The exams are conducted by Student Selection and Placement Centre (OSYM). For more information about the exams, please visit: http://www.osym.gov.tr. At the first stage of the examination system students take a single and common exam which is called “Transition to Higher Education Examination” (YGS). “Transition to Higher Education Examination” is an exam for students who have completed their secondary education successfully and wish to receive higher education, and it assesses the proficiency for entrance to higher education. The candidates who have not received minimum 140 points from any kind of score in YGS cannot apply for a higher education program with their YGS scores (except for those who have right for open admission) and take the Undergraduate Placement Exam (LYS) in the second round of the examination. The candidates receiving a score of 140.000-179.999 in YGS are entitled to apply for only associate degrees of vocational schools and open education programs. Those who have got minimum 180 points from one of the YGS scores are entitled to enter the second round exams (LYS). Having received minimum 180 in YGS, the candidates can both apply for the degrees of vocational schools and open education programs and for the undergraduate degrees that accepts students by their YGS scores. Students must have minimum 140 from YGS to apply for the undergraduate degrees except for the programs that require a special aptitude test. The second round of the examination system is called “Undergraduate Placement Examinations” (LYS). These are the exams which measure the knowledge and skills of the candidates based on the courses and define the grade of success that is the ground for the placement of students to formal undergraduate programs except open education programs. Each test in LYS is assessed individually and a standard score is calculated for each test. Weighted LYS scores (ALYS) of candidates are calculated by using these standard scores and weights. LYS scores are formed by transforming ALYS scores into minimum 100 and maximum 500. Those getting minimum 180 in LYS can make preferences for the undergraduate programs accepting students with LYS scores.

Art Teaching, Music Teaching, Physical Training and Sports Departments of Faculty of Education, Faculty of Art and State Conservatory have pre-registration processes and special aptitude tests for admission in Uludag University.

In order to apply for a postgraduate program, candidates must have an undergraduate degree and they must get minimum 55 in their types of scores from ALES which is carried out by Student Selection and Placement Centre (OSYM) centrally.

The candidates who wish to apply for the doctorate programs must have an undergraduate or postgraduate degree or a diploma of the Faculties of Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine and Education including at least ten semesters except for preparatory classes, undergraduate and post graduate degree of the Faculties of Pharmacy and Sciences or a license of specialization gained in the field of laboratory in accordance with the principals of Ministry of Health. Equivalence of undergraduate and post graduate diplomas which are received abroad must be confirmed by YOK. The candidates applying for a doctorate program with their undergraduate diploma musthave minimum 70 fromALES in their type of score. The candidates having completed their postgraduate education must have at least 55 standard points from ALES in their type of score.

The candidates applying for doctorate must have at least 55 from UDS or an equivalent score from the exams recognized by Interuniversity Board. Apart from their mother tongues, foreign students must get minimum 55 from one of English, French, German and Arabic languages or have an equivalent score from an exam recognized by Interuniversity Board.

Foreign Language Preparatory Education in Uludag University is provided by School of Foreign Languages to the students of faculties and four-year graduate schools. In line with the requirements of the departments of faculties and graduate schools and in the context of one-year foreign language education in English, German and French, a Foreign Language Proficiency Exam in September is carried out in order to identify students’ level of knowledge each year. Students getting minimum 70 out of 100 are regarded as successful. Those who have got the required score from one of the exams carried out by international organizations are exempt from foreign language education.

Exams which are recognized as equivalent are as follows:

English French German
IBT 61
PBT 500

The students failed in the Proficiency Exam take a placement exam, and they receive foreign language education which is minimum 20 and maximum 30 hours a week in an appropriate class in line with their foreign language knowledge. The students of the Preparatory Class must attend 80% of the total courses. Those exceeding this number cannot enter the Proficiency Exam.

Foreign Students

A new practice has been started in admission of foreign students that would like to receive their associate and undergraduate degrees in Turkey with their own means since 2010-2011 academic year. Exam for foreign students has been abolished and universities have been entitled to accept students with other countries’ national and international exams as long as they are recognized by YOK. This paved the way for an opportunity of a broader mobilization.

The number of foreign students to be accepted to Uludag University is determined by the Senate after consulting with the related academic units and they are published on the website of the Registrar’s Office (http://www.oidb.uludag.edu.tr) with the dates of application every year. Students can be accepted to Uludag University through both national/international exams determined by the Senate and UUYOS (Uludag University Foreign Student Admission Exam) since 2012.

The applications of foreign students who attend the last year of high school or who have graduated from it and the citizens of TR or T.R.N.C having completed their high school education in another country except T.R.N.C are accepted. The method and the content of UUYOS are defined by Uludag University in line with the previous YOS exams. Beginning from the highest score, placement is performed according to the results of national/international exams that are defined by the University Senate, UUYOS and special aptitude tests in the framework of previously announced number.

The candidates of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, who want to have postgraduate and doctorate degrees, make their applications to the related Directorate of Institute with the documents showing the courses they have taken during their education and their grades and ,if available, any other personal information. Certificate of Equivalence is not required for these candidates. The undergraduate and postgraduate degrees of the students who are eligible for registration apart from certificate of equivalence are accepted to the program as long as YOK expresses a positive opinion on whether their undergraduate and postgraduate degrees are suitable and their previous education institutions are recognized.

Foreign language for foreign students is Turkish. The candidates having a document that shows they have completed Turkish Course successfully or passed a Turkish exam by TÖMER are exempt from Turkish language requirement. The candidates with a certificate showing that they have received their undergraduate or postgraduate education in an institution which provides education in Turkish are exempt from Turkish Language Examination. The candidates applying for doctorate degree must have 55 from UDS in one of the languages, apart from their mother tongues, in English, French, German, or an equivalent score from an exam recognized by Interuniversity Board. In the event that the language of education is different from the native language of the foreign students applying for the departments providing education in a foreign language, they have to enter foreign language exam of that department in addition to Turkish language exam. Foreign candidates must take ALES or any other international exam such as GRE, GMAT that the Senate defines as equivalent to ALES.

Application documents of the scholarship students or candidate students for postgraduate education in Turkey within the scope of exchange programs and bilateral agreements are examined by YOK. The placement of the candidates for postgraduate programs takes place following the ratification by YOK and the decision of Institute Executive Board.

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