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Learning Facilities
Central Library
In accordance with the educational policy of our University, Central Library has been carrying on its works devoted to every level of users with the aim of fulfilling the information requirements needed in research and educational field, preparing the information and the documents provided in an accessable way for users, providing the most efficient conditions in order to benefit from the provided resources.

Head of Library and Documentation was established in the year 1984 and our Central Library started to provide service with a core library opened in the year 1987. Since the year 1991, it has been providing services in its current building whose foundations was laid in the year 1991. Central library has 8.000m2 area and the total indoor area is 5.150 m2 with a total seating capacity of 950 persons. 120 of them are in the form of single-seater squares. There are 3 study rooms avaliable.

Collection Status
Number of published books : 119.165
Number of electronic books: 78.011
Number of dissertation: 6.913
Number of subscribed magazine number: 359
Number of full text magazine: 21.973
Number of databases: 50
Number of news: 10

There is an unit actively working for the visually-impaired students of our University. In this unit, visually-impaired students can be able prepare for their courses via computer and benefit from the internet facilities. There are also audio books, periodicals and books written in Braille. Our users have the opportunity of watching movies and listening music in the Audio – Visual Unit of our Library.

In parallel with changing information environments, library services has also gained new dimensions. Providing electronic resources and services are one of them. Most of the scientific journal that our University is subscribed can be reached online through our library website.

Online databases provide services to all researchers, students and personnel of the university. Online databases (Full-text and bibliographical) and elecronic books that our University is subscribed can be reached online through our library website. Anyone that has the e-mail account from Uludag University can reach these databases off-campus.

Wifi internet is avaliable in the library. There are 5 connected PC reserved for students in case of need to be used in Project studies.

Users can carry out procedures like reserving a book, extending the loan period of a book etc. on the library website. Students are the usual members of our library as of their enrollment to our university.

Office Hours
Study/Academic Period
Study/Academic Period 08.30 a.m. – 22.00 p.m.
Saturday 12.00 a.m. – 20.00 p.m.
Summer Period
Monday – Friday 08.30 a.m. – 17.30 p.m.

Computer and Research Facilities

Our university, providing new Technologies to all users with the investments made in order to reach knowledge, aims to generate excellent products and services in the educational fields provided by creating free thinker individuals. Uludag University provides services to students and societies by making research and enhancement in the field of Health, Science and Education.

University presents hardware and software infrastructures about the subjects written below for the users to reach information fast.

Internet connection for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, membership for hundreds of subscribed databases with the electronic and online resources, e-books and magazines in the library, VPN service for the off-campus users to benefit from the resources provided on campus, file sharing system, personal web page services, e-mail services, Secured Computer Networking Services (vlan+firewall), Presenting the mostly used computer softwares to the users by making campus license agreement, Gigabyte on campus speed, 350 Megabyte off campus speed, topology of campus network is generated with stellate fiber – optic cable connections.

Bologna Communication
Phone : 0224 294 05 00
E-Mail : bologna@uludag.edu.tr
Design and Coding
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