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Student Clubs & Societies
The university tries to encourage students to take part in various artistic and recreational activities in order to make use of their spare time effectively during their education. Thus, financial support is given to all the activities and events in which the students participate. These activities and events are supervised by academic advisors and the performances are displayed on various occasions

Students display their performances during the Students' Fest in the first half of May every year. Clubs and societies that students can join are as follows:

Culture and Arts Associations

 Search and Rescue Society
 Amateur Photographers Society
 Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion, for Reforestation and the Protection of Natural Habitats (TEMA) Club
 İnegöl MYO Culture, Arts, Sports and Social Activities Club
 Theater Club
  Caricature and Humor Society
 Music Club
  Radio and Television Club
 Health and Ethical ThoughtClub
 Cinema Club
  Community VolunteersSociety
 Yoga Club
  Theology Culture Book Club
 Fashion DesignClub

Science Associations

 Astronomy Society
 Kemalist Thought Club
  Scientific Research Club
 Biology Club
 The Republican Youth Club
 Industrial Relations Club
 Environment Club
 Foreign Trade and Logistics Club
 Nature Observation Club
 Econometrics Club
 Industrial Engineering Club
 Universal Health Care Club
 Philosophy Club
 Physics Club
  Young Educators Club
 Food Club
 Economy Club
 Human Resources Society
  Business Administration Society
 Chemistry Club
 Machine Club
  Finance Club
 Mathematics Club
 Energy Club
 Automotive Club
 Psychological Counseling and Guidance Club
 Psychology Club
  Robot Club
 Sociology Club
  Milk Club
  History and Culture Society
 Textile Enginering Club
 International Turkish Medical Students Club
 Turkish Research and Development Club
 Turkish Education Culture Club
  Uludağ Law Club
 International Relations Club
 Veterinary Society
 Agriculture Club

Sports Associations

 Equestrian Sports Club  Mountaineering and Outdoor Sports Club  Aviation Club  Archery Club  Chess Club  Underwater Club  Rafting Club  Amateur Fishing Club  Table Tennis Club  Uludağ Oryantiring Club  Gemlik Marine Club

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