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Foreign Language courses are organized by School of Foreign Languages in Uludag University. Having started its Compulsory English Preparatory Class education in 2001-2002 academic year, School of Foreign Languages firstly located in Uludag University Görükle Campus, and moved to its building in Ali Osman Sönmez Campus in 2004-2005 academic year. It has been still providing education in its B and C blocks at the same campus. 46 classes, two computer labs, a self-access centre and a cinedrom are available in our school. A total of 110 teaching staff composed of 97 English, 3 French, 4 German and 6’sı Arabic lecturers have been serving.

Yearlong courses on many subjects are organized for students, academic and administrative personnel who want to contribute to their personal development.

Courses Provided by the School of Foreign Languages:

  Foreign Language Level A1
  Foreign Language Level B1
  Preparatory Course for Central Foreign Language Proficiency Exam
  Business English
  Business German
  Erasmus Language Courses
  Speaking Class

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Beginner level “Turkish Language Course” for exchange students has been provided each semester by the Faculty of Education and it is announced to the incoming students.
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