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Arrangements for Academic Guidance

Undergraduate Programs

An academic advisor to every registered student is assigned by the related Department. Academic advisor helps, leads and monitors the student during his/her period of study. The courses that the student will take each semester and any changes in the student’s program is approved by the academic advisor taking into consideration his/her academic development. Academic advisors have a schedule for contact hours with students during the semester announced at the departments.

During the first week of each academic year, “Welcome Session for Orientation” is organized about university life, social, cultural and sports facilities, health services, rules and regulations and other academic matters for first-year students. Each student receives a guidebook with the necessary information.

In the framework of Erasmus Program, all faculties/departments and schools have an attended Erasmus-ECTS academic coordinator who is the contact person for the incoming and outgoing students on all academic matters.

Postgraduate Programs

The academic staff, who comply with the advisory criteria determined by the principles accepted by the Senate, specify an advisor from the professors, associate professors and assistant professors in the department for each student enrolled in postgraduate programs within seven days and submit it to the respective institute. The executive board of the institute, taking the recommendation into consideration, assigns an advisor to each student in master’s, PhD and proficiency in arts programs. The advisor is assigned for course and thesis stages. However, the advisor could be changed at the thesis stage upon the demand of the student, recommendation of the respective department board and the decision of the executive board of the institute. In case of advisor’s resignation or not being able to carry out the assignment for any reason, the department recommends a new advisor to the student in accordance with the advisor assignment principles within two weeks.

In cases where the thesis study requires more than one advisor, the department may assign a second advisor upon the recommendation of the academic board and the decision of the executive board of the respective institute. The second advisor could be recommended from among the university teaching staff or from teaching staff in a similar department at another university complying with the advisory qualifications accepted by the Senate.

The advisor’s position for the postgraduate students is carried out by the department head until the advisor is assigned.


The Youth Counseling Center have been established to provide the young people with all kinds of health related and psychological counseling services, especially sexual health. Research is carried out for the problems, demands and needs of university students in general and Uludağ University students in particular. It aims to carry out research to get to know the students and their needs, to carry out individual interviews and group studies under mental health counseling, to prepare leaflets for the university students on service areas and publish effective information on the Internet, to provide reproductive and sexual health counseling and to hold seminars and meetings for the student and the academic staff. Presentations and trainings are held all year round on topics such as dealing with stress, examination anxiety, communication skills and anger management.

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