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Financial Support
At our university, all the dining services have been made private since 1996. In the dining halls within the campus, academic and administrative personnel and students have the opportunity of low-priced dining. Students in need of financial support are eligible for free lunch services. 4000 students are lodged on campus by dormitories attached to the Credit and Dormitories Institution (for two-year associate degree and undergraduate students) and by TED (Turkish Education Trust) Rabia Rıza Biçen dormitory (for master’s students). 80 successful students receive scholarship from our University’s Foundation.

Our institution also has a University Nursery and University Kindergarten; a purpose built facility situated on Görükle Campus, responsible for the care and education of children of the university personnel and married students. Parents interested in applying for these facilities need to make applications because a waiting list is in operation. These facilities are of a high standard and for a very small amount of fee.

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