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Recognition of the Prior Learning
Formal Education

A) Turkish students

Students who wish to make lateral transfer to Uludag University from higher education institutions situated in and out of Turkey are subject to the provisions of “Regulation on Transfer among Associate and Undergraduate Degree Programs, Double Major, and Subspecialty and the Principals of Credit Transfer among Institutions in Higher Education Institutions.”

Transfer between degree programs of different or same higher education institutions can only be possible within previously announced numbers and the transfer conditions. The criteria used in the assessment of lateral transfers and minimum requirements for it are defined by the Uludag University Senate. The commissions formed by related Executive Boards pre-assess the applications within the framework of the principals of the senate. The applications are assessed in accordance with the criteria defined by Uludag University Senate taking into account of the grade point average, central placement point for transferring to departments that require different types of score and, if applicable, his/her success in common courses of the program to be transferred to and it takes place within the limits of the quota defined. Students cannot apply for the lateral transfer to the first and last semesters of the associate degree programs and the first and the last two semesters of undergraduate degree programs.

Students can apply for the lateral transfer to degree programs of a faculty, graduate school, conservatory or vocational school or to equivalent degree programs of any other faculty, graduate school, conservatory or vocational school of the same university within the limits of the quota determined by the concerning Executive Board.

Related commissions make a decision on which semester or year the students can register taking into account the courses they have taken in previous semesters and the courses of the degree program to be transferred to in accordance with the principals of the Senate and the commissions determine a registration program including additional courses that students must take and the courses that the students should be exempt from, if any. In order to make a lateral transfer to an institution which provides education in a fully or partially foreign language, students have to pass the foreign language proficiency examination to be conducted by the relevant institution or submit an foreign language exam result which is nationally or internationally valid and which shows a score defined by the concerning higher education institution during the application.

Quota for the students who have graduated from vocational high schools to make vertical transfer to undergraduate programs which are the follow-up of their fields of graduation is reserved. Council of Higher Education (YOK) decides on which undergraduate programs to be opened for the graduates of vocational high schools who have the required qualifications to apply for the undergraduate programs of formal education, which graduates can apply for the concerning undergraduate programs, the quotas of these programs and types of score to be used for the placement of these students to related programs taking into account of the opinions and suggestion and these are announced by YOK.

Each year Student Selection and Placement Centre (OSYM) prepares a guide that shows which undergraduate programs the graduates of vocational high schools, open university associate degree programs and those attending the last year of the high school who meet the necessary qualifications apart from internship for the graduation can apply for the vertical transfer to undergraduate programs, the qualifications and the quota for these programs. The candidates take an exam composed of verbal and numeric sections. The scores they get from the exam and their general academic average are taken into account. OSYM decides on how to calculate the Vertical Transfer Exam Score by adding academic grade point averages to form Weighted Associate Degree Score to the exam score it is stated in the guide of Vertical Transfer Exam.

Successful students who have completed minimum one semester at a different department of the same institute of the university or at a postgraduate program subordinate to an equivalent institute of another university are accepted to postgraduate programs through lateral transfer. Relevant requirements for applying to postgraduate programs of the institute are binding. Transcript of records and course contents of the student applying for the lateral transfer are assessed by the commission to be formed by concerning department committee. The commission may suggest the student taking additional courses for the registration if it finds it necessary. The commission report on the assessment of lateral transfer is submitted to the institute. Lateral transfer operation becomes definite upon the decision of the relevant institute’s executive board.

B) Erasmus/Secondos/Mevlana Exchange Program Students

Outgoing Students

Before the students’ mobility, a "recognition sheet" is prepared according to the courses/placement in the learning agreement and full academic recognition is given by Bursa Uludağ University. Full academic recognition means the replacement of the education/placement provided abroad (including exams and other means of assessment) with its counterpart in Bursa Uludağ University. The ECTS credits, received from the universities abroad, are guaranteed. It’s obligatory to take 30 ECTS courses for one academic term in the student’s mobility.

Following the completion of education in a university abroad and returning back, an "Academic Recognition Sheet" is prepared by the Departmental Coordinator considering the documents in the Transcript of Records gained abroad. While preparing this document, the ECTS grades gained abroad are transformed into the grades of Bursa Uludağ University.

Incoming Students

A transcript of records that shows ECTS credits and ECTS grades is prepared and given to the incoming students after they complete their education at Bursa Uludağ University.

Recognition of Informal (based on certificate) and Non-formal (based on experience) Learning

In this context, Turkish Higher Education Institutions is at the initial phase. The University will make the necassary changes in its regulations and provide recognition when the legal processes at the national level are completed.

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