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All incoming students can find a suitable accomodation on campus dormitories, private dormitories and hostels or rental houses with fair prices. There are 5 dormitories on our university campus with capacity 577 students. And there are 2 dormitories with capacity 193 on Gorukle campus.

Other capacity of dormitories on around campus:
Yenisehir: 144 beds
Karacabey: 192 beds
Orhaneli: 48 beds

Guler-Osman Koseoglu, Yenisehir H. Halil Orhan and Orhaneli M. Y. O. dormitories is for only female students. Nilufer Hatun dormitory is for male students, Karacabey Sadik Yilmaz dormitory has two blocs is for male and female students. Time of accomodation depens educatinal calender.

Ali Osman Sonmez Campus: 204 beds
Yenisehir: 84 beds
Keles: 60 beds
Orhaneli: 80 beds
Karacabey: 192 beds
Harmancik: 128 beds

Accomodations fees contains water, heat and electricity. Students can use washing machine, iron and vacuum cleaner. Each students are responsables for their room cleaning.

For detail information: +90-224-2940708

Dormitory Fee per Month Remarks Phone Numbers
Nilüfer Hatun 300,00 TL 1 person, no kitchen +90-224-2940711
Güler-Osman Köseoğlu Kız Öğrenci Yurdu 350,00 TL 4 persons, with kitchen +90-224-2940931
Yenişehir H. Halil Orhan Öğrenci Yurdu 175,00 TL 4 persons, no kitchen +90-224-7732518
Orhaneli M.Y. O. Kız Öğrenci Yurdu 135,00 TL no kitchen +90-224-8173360
Karacabey Sadık Yılmaz Öğrenci Yurdu 175,00 TL 4 persons, no kitchen +90-224-6763286

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