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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Private Law
General Description
Brief History
Public Law Doctoral Degree Program accepted its’ first participants in ….. academic year.
Qualification Awarded
This program has a 240 ECTS third cycle degree system in Private Law Department. When the program is successfully completed and the program qualifications are met, a Doctoral degree in Private Law is obtained.
Level of Qualification
Third Cycle
Specific Admission Requirements
Acceptance prerequisites 1-Masters with Thesis Degree 2-Enough points from ALES(Selection Examination for Academic Personnel and Graduate Studies) (3 years of validity ,at least 55 points from equal-weight field.) (For foreign students, ALES and international examinations like GRE, MAT are accepted and no minimum points are required.) 3-Foreign language ability (At least 55 points from BUÜDS, YDS, YÖKDİL and other equivalent exams.) (Foreign students must prove their Turkish knowledge with a TÖMER certificate.) Evaluation: - ALES %50+ GPA %15+ Foreign Language %15+ Oral interview %20= The candidates are aligned according to points by this formula and accepted within the quota. - For foreign students ALES %50+ GPA %25+ Oral interview %25= The candidates are aligned according to points by this formula and accepted within the quota.
Specific arrangements for the recognition of prior learning
The provisions in “Regulation on Transfer among Associate and Undergraduate Degree Programs, Double Major, and Subspecialty and the Principals of Credit Transfer among Institutions in Higher Education Institutions” are applied.
Qualification Requirements and Regulations
Students who take at least 21 credits (equivalent to 60 ECTS) from the courses available in the graduate programs of the department or other related departments and successfully complete all of them, obtain a weighted grade point average of at least 75 out of 100, pass the doctoral qualifying exam with a score of at least 75, and successfully defend their thesis in a field related to their subject in front of a selected jury are awarded a doctoral diploma in Private Law.
Profile of The Programme
Bursa Uludağ University Private Law Doctoral Degree Program seeks to provide a sound legal education that complies with the challenges of contemporary world; thereby enables its students to appreciate the supremacy of the rule of law. In addition to compulsory and elective courses on the core areas of Turkish law, thanks to its curriculum including a wide range of courses in civil law, law of obligations, commercial law and labour law and social security law, the Program prepares its students for various positions in the private sector, in judiciary and as lawyers. Postgraduate students at Bursa Uludağ University have the opportunity to broaden and deepen their knowledge and pursue an academic career
Key Learning Outcomes & Classified & Comparative
1. . Being able to develop and deepen current and advanced knowledge in the field of Private Law at the level of expertise with original thought and research, and to reach original definitions that will bring innovation to science.
2. Being able to use and evaluate the expert level knowledge on public law that are required in experts and researchers who are much needed by the public and private sectors.
3. To be able to follow the changes in private law legislation effectively.
4. To be able to research, critically analyze and evaluate an original subject in the field of private law.
5. Being able to publish at least one scientific article related to the field of private law in peer-reviewed journals.
6. Being able to develop new ideas and to generate solutions with a leadership attitude in the field of private law.
7. Being able to develop new and creative ideas and methods by identifying deficiencies in the field of private law.
8. Being able to use a foreign language verbally and in writing in the field of private law and to benefit from foreign literature.
9. Being able to advocate own original ideas, to discuss and communicate effectively with expert people in the field of private law.
10. Being able to investigate and solve the problems in the field of private law through making use of the strategic decision-making processes.
11. Being able to contribute to the development of solutions to the social, scientific and ethical problems encountered in the field of private law.
Occupational Profiles of Graduates With Examples
Graduates of Private Law Doctoral Degree Programme graduates can have the opportunity of working as an academic, a judge, a notary public, an attorney at law, etc.
Access to Further Studies
Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading
Each student must register for the courses at the beginning of the semester and must attend at least 70% of the courses in order to take the final exam. Students are subjected to at least 1 final exam for each course. All exams are evaluated out of 100 points. It is compulsory to get at least 75 points from the final exam for PhD. Students who receive one of the letter grades AA, BA, BB and CB from a course are considered to have succeeded in that course.
Graduation Requirements
In order to successfully complete the program, it is necessary to pass all the courses available in the program (240 ECTS credits), pass the doctoral qualifying exam and successfully complete and defend the thesis.
Mode of Study
Address and Contact Details
Adres : Bursa Uludağ Üniversitesi Sosyal Bilimler Enstitüsü
Görükle Kampusu 16059 Nilüfer/BURSA Telefon: 0 (224) 294 24 23 Fax: 0 (224) 294 24 34
Mail : sosbil@uludag.edu.tr
The Department of Private Law has 15 faculty members, including 3 Professors, 2 Associate Professors and 10 Assistant Professors. The program language is Turkish. Program participants can benefit from the library, computer, etc. facilities at Görükle central campus or at the Faculty of Law in Gemlik.
Bologna İletişim
Mail : bologna@uludag.edu.tr
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